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Participation at the Biennial in Florence 2021!


Biennial Florence 2021

International Exhibition of contemporary art in Florence

from 23.October 2021 until 31.October 2021

Place: Fortezza da Basso, fortress and fair ground right in the heart of Florence



This years motto:


Eternal Feminine

Eternal Change





I am there! The construction is done! I am happy!

My work this year:

At Table of God on Judgment Day



Height 120 cm Length 160 cm Depth 80 cm


A sculptur made of stretched canvas.

Or is it a painting?


What do you mean?

Write me your answer to this questions!




My announced exhibition in the evangelic church St. Michaelis in

Bissendorf has to be postponed because of Covid 19 crisis!


Titel of the Exhibition: "Ways"


I will announce here the new date of the opening.


The Exhibition will be opened on Thursday from 15 til 18 o clock

and on regular church service.



My trilogy of butterflies has finished!


Each painting about 1,80 meters wide and the wings are movable.

The frames were constructed by me and stretched.

Each butterfly shows a way in my art, I am going today.


A new series in oil painting is getting started...


A series with small formates and for little money.


Almost in 25 x 25 cm, 30 x 25 cm or 30 x 30 cm painted.


Attention! Depth is 5 cm!


Here are some examples:


Big Bubble


Paintings with 90 degrees angles are boring me.

So i decided to construct paintings without these angles.

Inspired by Comics and their thinking bubbles i call them bubbles.

On theese canvases i paint what i think...


Ganesha                                                   Alu-Andi


These paintings were inspired from primitive people in ancient times.

They will remember stretched skins.

But this is only the first impression.


A closer look and you will see industrial woven textiles which you can look through. It is made for outdoor banners to let the wind go through. Behind these textiles i have a second canvas, stretched, in black color.


The famous ancient painter Caravaggio had a theory, that dark colors will bring light colors to shine even brighter.

"You need dark to show light"

So he painted very dark surroundings and a shining center.


In my paintings the black color goes through the painted colors!


My bicycle is ready!


What is art for me?


For me art is a dandelion

on the way of life.


For some

it is only weed,


for many

more or less beautiful


but for me

medicinal plant, food

and inspiration.