art works


At this point i like to regard the name paint-sculptor a little bit nearer.


The american artist Frank Stella once answered a question, if he is more a painter or a sculptor like this:

If painting is two (dimensional) and sculpting is three (dimensional), i am maybe 2,7."


I will answer this question for me that i feel like 2,4.


For me there is no difference between painting and sculpting. My motto in my life is: Living with art, the art of living.

Art is not only the four-squared painting on the wall and the statue on the socket.

I am constructing new formats, conquer the space in the room with three-dimensional ones. I paint on everyday objects, build them new with stretched canvas, go outdoor and conquer the world with my paintings and wooden steles.


There is no border between art and reality.

And saying: Everything has been painted in tenthousand years is only guilty for the four squared painting. If i discover new formats, i start at zero.

The new constructed painting changes from object and image carrier to subject and image statement.


 I know, my life is too short for all the possibilities.

I hope, i will be able to give my torch to other artists to lead them to brilliant master pieces of artworks.