The Paint-Sculptor personally

Short vita


Ulrich Saloga


born on 17.11.1957
in Werdohl / Western Germany


first art introductions by local known painter Dr. Hegemann in Altena / Germany


Educated as an electrician, long time industrial working, independent truck driver and now freelance artist.


As an autodidact i am successfully on the market, my work convinced the critics and the audience.




Ulrich Saloga, better known as "Der Malbildhauer®" or "The paint-sculptor"



I call myself Paint-sculptor as a combination of painter and sculptor.



I use materials of a painter like streched canvas, but using them to create three-dimensional objects like a sculptor. Paintings with streched canvas in different sizes, combined to one, works like paintings with holes, furniture or animals.



The area is planned well, wood and metal parts were combined. The canvas is stretched. Acrylic filler is used partly or all over to get three-dimensional structures. The surface is covered with Gesso from white to black. In combination with translucent paint i get a maximum deepness.



Conventional paintings growing to polygons, connecting walls or ceiling, getting sculptures free in space or furniture. I use light and shadow like Caravaggio, but real. The square is dissolved, the canvas changes from object to subject. As a paint-sculptor i break all the rules and centuries traditions and free the painting from frame and wall.



Walls are no longer enough for me, i connect walls, ceiling and floor. Paintings are free in space. Furniture getting painting, painting getting furniture. Indoor is not enough, i go outdoor with new materials and colors. Thinking about new formats and structures and create them.


Some concrete ideas:

Paintings with a 90 degrees angle


Chairs and table





And now getting a little bit crazy:

Why not make fashion?

Accessoires for the big moment, the red carpet or Gala...

I did hats, ladies pumps and sneaker, leather bags and leather vests.


An end is not in sight...